Knee Deep

Frankly, it feels like circumstances should always work out well for people who are good. It should always end badly for people who are bad. Agreed? I’m sitting in a surgical waiting room with a guy at the hospital. His wife started having pains a few days before, and suddenly she’s under the knife. We…

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Lenten Reading Schedule for 2019

A number of people have used True Stories as bedtime reading, since each selection takes less than five minutes to read. Whether you formally observe the season of Lent in some way or not, the seven weeks leading up to Resurrection Sunday are a wonderful opportunity to focus on the unmatchable love of God in…

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Second Place Winners

The hardest thing that someone can require of me is patience. Or forgiveness. Or anything else that makes me give up first place. I like to be first, not only in proficiency but in importance. I don’t mean I want to stand on a pedestal and have people shout praises; that would just be embarrassing.…

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