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When God's people broke free from slavery in Egypt, they grumbled in the wilderness. They yearned for a past that had never been, conjuring up images of delicacies like cucumbers and melons. Going back wasn't the answer. The pickles weren't as perfect as they remembered. We do the same thing today. We lose sight of what's truly perfect – not the past things themselves, but the God who was there providing them.

Pickle Perfect Publishing reminds you that every journey may bring hardship, but God is inviting you to move forward to new blessings at every step.


Announcing a Helpful Book
From Pickle Perfect Publishing

Do you hurt? Do you carry burdens from the past, pain in the present, or worry about the future? You’re not alone. We all feel the effects of a broken world in body, mind and spirit. The hurt is real. Just ask Jesus.

Jesus wept. He grieved over choices made by His children. He felt the sting of false accusations. He sacrificed His body, and felt His Father’s rejection for our sake. Yet the Son of Man also lived in a state of underlying joy. His secret? He looked to heaven. Always. That’s the secret that He wants for you, too.

TRUE STORIES to Remind You of Heaven When Life Hurts Like Hell is designed to point your eyes to heavenly truth, the source of joy . . . even when you hurt.

Selections from The Pickle Jar

Second Place Winners

The hardest thing that someone can require of me is patience. Or forgiveness. Or anything else that makes me give up first place. I like to be first, not only in proficiency but in importance. I don’t mean I want to stand on a pedestal and have people shout praises; that would just be embarrassing.…

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Wishing in Princes

In the princess world, wishes lead to happiness. “Happily ever after” finds traction in our lives because we desperately want it to be true. But it’s not. It’s make-believe. So why do we keep exercising our wishbone, as if it will magically make our dreams come true? The problem isn’t our wishes, but the dreams…

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Loose Change

It’s not that I’m disappointed when things change. The problem is when they don’t change into what I expected. We and the world thrive on change, as long the changes are pleasant and satisfying to our current circumstances. Change is a part of growth – and that’s why we should also embrace the changes Jesus…

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It's Okay to Cry

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